StimCor™ Features & Benefits

StimCor™ adds the following benefits to the EPS320BT Cardiac Stimulator

  • Provides clean uncluttered work space with computer and all accessories packaged into integrated cabinet
  • Computer cables bundled and pre-wired for instant installation
  • Hides PC hardware up to 10m (33’) away with optional cable bundle (3m for standard system configuration)
  • New optional Numeric Keypad can replace keyboard for smaller footprint
  • USB accessible from front of cabinet for configuration
  • Cockpit-ready for slave bedside display

StimCor™ offers the industry-leading Ver 3.21 Software

  • Popular software, specifications and ease of use are same as EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator
  • On-line 60 minute operator video training course
  • Micropace crash-free reputation
  • Laboratory multi-stimulator configuration management tool