Software 3.21 for EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator

Micropace proudly announces an enhanced software V3.21 upgrade for its industry leading EPS320™ Cardiac Stimulator.

Software3.21 Video Introduction

The V3.21 adds all the functionality of common hardware stimulators but with an even more intuitive interface and teaching aids.

Software includes product-embedded training videos, a separate PC-based training application and multiple stimulator management and backup facility.

Pacing features include customizable protocols menu, AV-delay S1, individually programmable S1 - S6 properties and new specialised stimulation protocols.

A new 32 bit platform with higher screen resolution and 2Gb of memory has enabled a host of new usability features including 27 segments of on-line video tutorials, searchable help, smaller footprint keypad and a mouse in addition to the touch screen interface to cater for all user preferences.

These features help novices and power users and allow seamless transition from other stimulators.

Enhanced Features

New & Improved Pacing Features

  • Protocols Menu Toolbox Configure, name and assemble your Pacing protocols menu from a toolbox of 22 basic protocols.
  • S1-S6 Properties Menus Allows individual control of each Sx, including decrementation, repetition for secondary trains and S1 AV-delay.
  • High Frequency Stimulation As used by some researchers for stimulation of atrial ganglionic plexi.
  • S1 paced, S2 scanning Through 0ms and post entrainment - rapid PPI display.
  • Post Pacing Interval measurement feature.

Advanced Training Features

  • Online Instructional Video 60 mins of video training from the help screen features 27 segments in 6 chapters - Intro, Pacing, Protocols, ECG sensing, Help and Misc.
  • Search Help Files Users can search help files for keywords.
  • PC Based Training software module available.

Improved Advanced User Feedback & Control

  • See ECG detect threshold and adjust sensed ECG noise rejection on main page.
  • Smaller footprint numeric keypad, mouse and trackball interfaces for efficient keyboard-less use.
  • (MSM)™ Multiple Stimulator Management for Lab Managers.

For more information, please refer to the Software 3.21 Flyer or download the latest user instruction manual.