About Micropace


At Micropace, we began designing and manufacturing EP Cardiac Stimulators in 1995 and have grown to be world’s No. 1 supplier of EP Cardiac Stimulators in the USA and worldwide.

Our company's success stems from our intimate knowledge of clinical cardiac electrophysiology and its practitioner’s needs, guided by our founding CEO and practicing electrophysiologist, Dr Michael Cejnar, FRACP, allowing us to deliver products which are very easy to use and reliable, yet feature packed for the power user.


The Micropace flagship product, the popular EPS320B Cardiac Stimulator, helps the rapid case flow in today’s EP lab environment through its simple intuitive graphical interface, intelligent use of automation and pre-programmed protocols arising from years of experience in the EP Lab.

The EPS320, in contrast to most hardware stimulators, may be operated by new or rotating staff after only minutes of training. The same product however caters for the power-user, providing leading edge advanced functions required for the latest in clinical and research applications such as AICD-style ATP testing, CRT / bi-ventricular pacing and HF autonomic stimulation in atrial fibrillation work.

EPS320B sales have been growing at an average of 40% per annum and the product is currently supplied with two of the three major EP recording systems worldwide. Micropace stimulators have been installed in over 800 sites in USA since 2002 and over 1500 sites worldwide and sales growth is expected to continue by targeting the existing stimulator replacement market.

Customer Care

We consider support of our customers to be an overriding responsibility and key to success in the biomedical device market. We support our customers through two worldwide distribution networks and have recently opened an office in Tustin, California to support our very large US product base and distribution channels.

Difficult questions regarding clinical application may be addressed to our electrophysiolgist CEO directly. We are also active in supporting our existing customers and distributors through extensive on-line help, educational materials and product upgrades.


Micropace invests heavily in R&D, developing new product features and options as well as collaborating with a number of biotechnology companies to deliver its technology and expertise to new markets such as the arrhythmia surgery market and the permanent pacemaker field.