Micropace releases significant software revision, version 3.21

Micropace has released a significant software revision, version 3.21.

Its main product features are:

  • Instructional Video - over 60 min tuition in 30 chapters.
  • Customisable Protocol Menu - both selection and naming.
  • Easier Sensing - Sense level display and adjustment on front page.
  • Protocol memories - each protocol remembers last parameter values.
  • New Sx properties - individually programmable properties for S1 to S5 including individual decrementation, and secondary drive trains.
  • Specialised protocols - PPI Measurement, Paced S2 scanning with S2 to 0ms.
  • Smaller footprint - numeric keypad, mouse and trackball interfaces for efficient keyboard-less use.
  • Many ergonomic improvements - configurable softKey, entry acceptance on moving focus, searchable help files.
  • Windows compatible demonstration and training software.
  • Platform -32bit processing with unlimited memory, higher screen resolution for readability.